Key Conference Speaker: Mauricio Cárdenas

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Mauricio Cárdenas has contributed a great deal to the Global Development Network, especially through his role as head of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA), currently one of GDN’s Regional Network Partners (RNPs). Mauricio Cárdenas’s agenda is one to always keep an eye on.

Currently a senior fellow and director of the Latin American Initiative, Cárdenas will be one of the main speakers at GDN’s upcoming 12th Annual Conference to be held in Bogota. Cárdenas will speak on day 3 of the conference at Plenary 6, a roundtable discussion about “Financing development: looking into the future”. The session will focus on the central policy lessons emanating from all of the conference discussions and suggest new and innovative ways forward for economic policy.

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Professor Ernest Aryeetey: The Rise of the New Philanthropy

By Jermeen El-Baroudy

Professor Ernest Aryeetey has confirmed he will be keynote speaker at plenary of GDN conference in Bogota. Publisher of 3 books, 5 edited volumes, 32 journal articles and many working and discussion papers, Professer Arteeyey is very well known for his work on informal finance and microfinance in Africa.

During the conference Professer Aryeetey will be speaking about “Innovative Sources of Development Finance and the Rise of the New Philanthropy”.

His focus of work is know to be around the economics of development with interest in institutions and their role in development, regional integration, economic reforms, financial systems in support of development and small enterprise development.

Winner of the prestigious Michael Bruno Award of the World Bank, July 2010 Aryeetey added another starring point in his CV when he assumed Office as New Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana.

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One Way or Many Ways? Varieties of Capitalism

The second day of the conference started with quite an intriguing plenary. Most interesting was the diversity in the speakers of the session. Each of the speakers left the participants with a single yet controversial question. The issue to be discussed was “One Way or Many? Varieties of Capitalism”

For Lawrence MacDonald, chair of the session, the answer was pretty clear: “Many” he chose. In his introduction he stated that the US was championing the “Anglo-Saxon Model” while continental Europe wasn’t. He decided to pose a challenge for the speakers, to untangle this mystery capitalism. Read more of this post


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